Patient 1

45 year old woman was suffering with asymmetrical breasts and a painful condition called capsular contracture (a complication caused by scar tissue forming around the breast implant) on the right breast from a previously unsuccessful surgery. Dr. Freund performed a right breast implant exchange with capsulectomy on the right side and a Tear Drop Augmentation Mastopexy”. Note that scars are impossible to see and only around the areola. Post-op are 6 months old.


Patient 2

45 year old female, 5ft 4 inches, 120 lbs., 32C cup underwent a Tear Drop Augmentation Mastopexy (incision only around the areola) with a 210cc silicone implant in the right breast and a 240cc silicone implant in the left breast.


Patient 3

34 year old, 5ft. 5inches, 108 lbs, 32C with type 2 ptosis. She underwent my Tear Drop Augmentation Mastopexy (incision only around the areola) with a mid profile 265CC silicone implant.


Patient 4

41 year old female, 5ft 9 inch 163 lbs, lost 20 lbs after two pregnancies, underwent a High Lateral Tension Abdomenoplasty and Tear Drop Augmentation Mastopexy with middle profile 265 ml silicone implants.


Patient 5

A 39 year old female, 5’3″, 140 lbs, with severe breast asymmetry and left breast ptosis. Patient underwent a right breast augmentation (320 cc SRLP Allergen Silicone Breast implant) and left breast tear drop augmentation mastopexy (195cc SRM Allergen Silicone Breast Implant).


Patient 6

A 33 year old 5ft 7inch 128 lbs woman with one child with a 32b desiring 32 C cup. She underwent a Tear Drop Augmentation Mastopexy with 295 cc Natrelle breast implants.