Enhance Your Facial Features and Body Contours with Fat Transfer

Using the body’s own tissue for cosmetic enhancement offers a number of benefits. Fat transfer, available at our Manhattan plastic surgery practice, can be used to improve signs of aging like wrinkles and hollowed cheeks, and even plump the breasts and buttocks. This simple procedure uses excess fat harvested from areas like the abdomen and thighs to improve contouring and add fullness in other part of the body. To learn more about Dr. Robert M. Freund’s patented fat transfer techniques, schedule a consultation at our practice today.

The Innovative Viafill System™

Using techniques that are at the forefront of science and technology, Dr. Freund has developed the innovative Viafill System™. This patented system has refined the fat transfer procedure, making it safer and more effective than ever before.

During a traditional fat transfer procedure, the fat cells can easily become damaged and fail to survive once they have been injected. For this reason, many surgeons tend to “overfill” the treatment area, since much of the injected tissue will die and be flushed from the body. In contrast, the Viafill System™ uses a number of measures to protect the healthy fat cells, which allows for more precise, controlled contouring.



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The Fat Transfer Procedure

Rather than harvest fat using traditional liposuction methods, the Viafill System™ manually removes tissue using hand-held cannulas (thin, hollow tubes) and syringes. Ideal candidates should have some excess fat in the hips, thighs, or abdomen. Next, the harvested tissue is spun in a slow-speed centrifuge to separate contaminants, further minimizing trauma to the fat cells.

Once the fat cells are cleansed and purified, they are delivered to the treatment area through tiny incisions in the skin, and using another set of specialized cannulas. These instruments allow for real-time contouring, so Dr. Freund can deliver just the right amount of fat to achieve your desired results. In addition to allowing for a greater degree of control, excess swelling resulting from overfilling is also avoided, so patients can enjoy the full benefits of their procedure more quickly. Common areas of application include the temples, which can become hollow during the aging process, and the cheeks, which also lose their youthful contour over time.

Your own fat can be a natural filler to restore or add volume in your face or body. Dr. Freund pioneered a new method of fat injection that was shown to be five times more viable than other types of fat grafting. Besides adding volume, injections of your own fat can improve the texture of overlying skin.

Platelet-rich Plasma for Enhanced Results

Many of our patients choose to combine their fat injections with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for enhanced healing and results. PRP complements fat transfer very effectively because it uses your own plasma, and can increase the uptake of fat for improved durability. During the procedure, Dr. Freund separates platelets from a small amount of your plasma, and then injects the concentrated solution into the treatment site using a small needle. In addition to expediting healing, PRP also naturally stimulates collagen production, which can restore youthful elasticity to your skin.



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