Combining a Manhattan Breast Lift with Implants for Beautiful Results

By performing a one-of-a-kind breast lift with implants,Manhattan surgeon Dr. Robert M. Freund can produce outstanding results, giving you perkier and more voluptuous breasts. If you are concerned with breasts that have lost their contour and shape, schedule a consultation at our practice today. Dr. Freund has pioneered a new approach to this surgery that combines the benefits of both a breast lift and breast augmentation. During a one-on-one consultation, he can tailor this groundbreaking treatment to help you achieve a beautiful new bust line.

A Unique Approach to Lifting the Breast

Women wishing to restore lost volume and firmness in their breasts may receive differing opinions during consultations with cosmetic surgeons. Some care providers may suggest a simple breast augmentation, which does not address sagging, and can lead to larger breasts that still droop. Conversely, a traditional breast lift can only address sagging.

By combining the benefits of both procedures, Dr. Freund has pioneered the unique teardrop augmentation mastopexy. During this procedure, Dr. Freund does not remove a large amount of skin, but instead focuses on reshaping the tissue underneath to achieve an overall teardrop shape. The entire procedure can be performed using a less invasive areolar incision, rather than the anchor or lollipop incisions typically used during traditional breast lift surgery. Through this incision, Dr. Freund is able to place an implant underneath the pectoral muscle for further enhanced contouring.



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Benefits of Combining Breast Lift with Implants

Dr. Freund’s teardrop augmentation mastopexy offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Minimized scarring: Because this technique only requires an incision around the areola, Dr, Freund ensures any scarring naturally blends with the pigmentation of the nipple.
  • Conservative enhancement: Since Dr. Freund contours and reshapes the existing breast tissue, most of our patients are able to achieve their cosmetic goals with a relatively small implant.
  • Natural-looking projection: By placing a round implant under the chest muscle, Dr. Freund is able to give patients an extremely natural-looking shape that mimics the “teardrop” shape of a natural breast.

Despite its advantages, a teardrop augmentation mastopexy is not right for everybody. It is important for our patients to understand that each woman’s body, concerns, and treatment goals are unique. Dr. Freund only recommends treatments that will provide the patient with the best possible results.

Choosing the Right Implant For You

Although the type of implant used in your procedure is ultimately your choice, Dr. Freund prefers to use round, smooth-walled silicone implants during the teardrop augmentation mastopexy procedure. Silicone has a more natural appearance and texture than saline implants. By using round implants, the breasts will not take on an asymmetrical appearance if the implants happen to shift or rotate.



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