Adding Definition with Manhattan Facial Implants

Facial implants can help patients who want to enhance the contours of their face and achieve more striking features. Patients may want a stronger jawline, more pronounced cheekbones, of fuller, pouty lips. Inserted through small incisions, implants can create greater symmetry in your face while also highlighting your best features. To learn more aboutDr. Robert Freund’s facial implants for the chin, cheeks, and lips, contact our Manhattan practice today and schedule your consultation.

Improved Facial Symmetry with Chin Implants

A small or recessed chin can make the lower portion of the face appear smaller than the upper portion. A weak chin can also create the illusion that the nose is too large even when it is proportionate to the face. Each custom-shaped chin implant is designed to complement existing features and achieve facial symmetry through a simple and straightforward procedure.

The chin implant is inserted through a very small incision under the chin or inside the lip. This can be combined with rhinoplasty, facelift, or other facial cosmetic procedures to achieve a more comprehensive enhancement.

Patients can experience instant, permanent results. The implants are made of safe, FDA-approved materials like solid silicone or Gore-Tex®, and can look and feel much like your natural bone structure. Although most patients are very happy with their results, a chin implant is reversible if patients decide to revert to their former look.

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Cheek Implants for a More Youthful Look

Cheek implants can be an outstanding way to enhance the prominence of the cheek bones. They can also correct sagging lower eyelids by adding volume to weak or recessed cheekbones. Patients who want to restore lost cheek volume for a more youthful look in the mid-face often turn to cheek implants as well.

Depending on your anatomy and aesthetic goals, your cheek implants may be inserted through an incision hidden in the lower eyelid, or through an incision in your mouth. Each implant is individually crafted to complement your features. Dr. Freund takes great care to place implants in the best position to help you achieve the aesthetic enhancement you desire.

Achieve Luscious Lips with Implants

There are many lip enhancements on the market today to satisfy the public’s growing demand for pouty lips. Lip augmentation is the only treatment that can deliver permanent results. Patients can enjoy fuller lips with a durable implant material that looks and feels incredibly lifelike. Like chin and check implants, lip implants are customized to complement your facial structure for an enhanced and natural look. Lip implant patients can have their treatment performed in about an hour as a stand-alone therapy, or combine it with other procedures for more comprehensive results.

Fat Grafting

In addition to implants, Dr. Freund offers fat grafting using the VIAFILL™ system. He can performliposuction on one area of the body (usually the midsection), and transfer the purified fat cells to specific areas of the face to achieve an effect similar to that of implants. During a consultation, you and Dr. Freund can determine which solution can best meet your goals.



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