Achieve a Youthful, Refreshed Appearance with a Manhattan Facelift

Facelift plastic surgery lifts sagging tissue to highlight your natural contours and correct the signs of aging. Board Certified NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Freund uses an advanced facelift technique to vertically lift both your facial skin and its underlying structure for long-lasting, natural-looking results. Dr. Freund’s treatment can help you look younger and refreshed, while still maintaining the natural beauty that make you unique.

Am I a Candidate for a Full Facelift?

There are several options to address signs of aging on the face. The type of facelift Dr. Freund recommends will depend on which area of the face you are concerned with. For example, some patients have drooping on their forehead and brow area. For these patients, a brow lift may be the best choice. Others who have excess sagging around the middle third of their face may require a mid face lift. Full facelift surgery is designed for patients who have developed sagging, aging skin across the lower two-thirds of their faces, including the cheeks, jaw line, and upper neck. Full facelift surgery highlights the contours of your cheeks, tightens the skin that hangs from your jowls, and reduces the look of marionette lines (the vertical lines on either side of your smile that extend down toward your chin). Dr. Freund’s main goal as a surgeon is to provide treatments that achieve an enhancement without creating an overdone or fake look. Most patients consider this to be extremely important when choosing a facelift surgeon.

Dr. Freund does not perform one single kind of face lift. He performs facial procedures depending on individual patient needs. His techniques make patients look natural: better, but still like themselves.



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The Vertical Vector SMAS Lifting Technique

Dr. Freund employs a technique known as the vertical vector facelift. This type of lifting is designed to give you the most natural and long-lasting results possible.

Before your surgery begins, you will receive local anesthesia and a sedative so that you are completely relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Freund will create incisions that extend from just in front of your ears beneath your earlobes and back toward your hairline. Through these incisions, he will be able to access your facial skin and superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS).

Dr. Freund will carefully lift your SMAS tissues, pulling them taut from your jaw line upwards across your cheeks. He will carefully suture the SMAS in this lifted arrangement and excise extra tissues. He will similarly lift the overlying skin, remove excess tissue, and suture your incisions closed. Once your surgery is complete, a friend or loved one can help you return home to begin your recovery. You will visit Dr. Freund in the week following surgery to ensure that you are healing properly. The final results of your facelift surgery will become apparent over the course of several months.

Benefits of the Vertical Vector Facelift

The vertical vector facelift technique offers several advantages. By primarily lifting the tissue in a vertical direction, Dr. Freund can create a more defined, lifted look without creating the windswept appearance that results from horizontal lifting. Because Dr. Freund tightens both the SMAS tissues and your facial skin, you will achieve more substantial results than methods that only lift the skin. When a facelift does not involve SMAS lifting, you simply cannot achieve the same level of contouring and definition.

Combining Fat Transfer for Enhanced Results

For some facelift patients, Dr. Freund may recommend the addition of Viafill™ injections. During the fat transfer procedure, Dr. Freund collects unwanted cells from another area of your body (like the abdomen or thighs), cleans them, and precisely injects them in the face. The addition of this tissue beneath your facial skin can further reduce the look of deep lines and wrinkles and provide youthful volume.


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Mini Facelift and Other Types of Facelift Surgery

If you are noticing signs of aging on your face, you may be considering a facelift. This cosmetic procedure repositions sagging skin to help patients look rejuvenated. Dr. Robert M. Freund offers several types of facelift surgery at our Manhattan practice, including mini-facelift. Preferring a conservative, personalized approach to this popular surgery, Dr. Freund strives to enhance a patient’s natural beauty rather than alter their appearance. You can learn more about your candidacy and facelift treatment options during a consultation.Book an appointment with Dr. Freund by contacting us today.

The Aging Face: A Closer Look

Although each individual’s face ages slightly differently, there are several common concerns we hear in our office: loss of skin elasticity, decreased youthful volume throughout the face, lax cheeks, sagging jowls, deepening lines along the brow and around the mouth, and the emergence of more wrinkles. A facelift may be recommended to treat a number of these conditions, and can easily be combined with additional non-surgical services for more comprehensive results. Dr. Freund’s patented Viafill System™, for example, can restore lost volume through fat transfer, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can encourage the production of naturally occurring collagen. PRP may also be used to aid in healing after your surgery.

Shaping Your Customized Procedure

We recognize each patient’s cosmetic concerns and treatment goals differ, and Dr. Freund will work closely with you to outline an individualized treatment plan. During a consultation, he will analyze your skin type and thickness, as well as the amount of remaining skin elasticity. Analyzing these factors will allow Dr. Freund to suggest the best procedure based on your needs, and ensure that your results are rejuvenating, yet subtle.

Facelift Procedures

Each facelift procedure is performed similarly, but targets a slightly different treatment area:

  • Mid facelift: Lifts the cheeks and middle of the face
  • Cheek lift: Tightens the cheek and jowl area
  • Lower facelift: Defines the jowl and neck area
  • Necklift: Targets the neck only
  • Full facelift: If you desire a comprehensive enhancement of your facial features, a full facelift can combine techniques used in every type of facelift

Dr. Freund’s innovative surgical techniques will help ensure you achieve natural-looking results, and avoid the stilted or taught expression that is sometimes associated with facelifts of the past. Dr. Freund prefers to employ the technique called vertical vector submusculoaponeuratic (SMAS) system facelift, which involves draping the skin in a vertical position, rather than pulling it horizontally. This allows Dr. Freund to lift the superficial layer of skin and the SMAS separately, providing benefits such as minimized scarring, and greater surgical control in positioning and tightening the skin. When you choose Dr. Freund, you can rest assured that you are in the care of an innovator who will take care to provide satisfying long-term results.

Mid Facelift Surgery

The first step of your mid facelift surgery is your consultation with Dr. Freund. After you have discussed your areas of concern, you and he will determine if a mid facelift is the best type of facelift for your needs. Many patients who have developed signs of aging in other areas of the face may choose to undergo a mid facelift in conjunction with a brow lift or lower facelift. Dr. Freund can tailor your surgery to meet your unique needs, adding more or less lift where necessary.

Before your surgery begins, Dr. Freund will administer anesthesia. Next, he will make incisions in the contours of the ears, where your cheek and ear meet. Depending on the degree of lift you require, these incisions may wrap around your ear lobes and extend to your hairline. Dr. Freund is careful to place incisions in the most discreet locations possible to result in subdued, minimal scarring.

Next, Dr. Freund will separately lift your skin and underlying superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS). The SMAS tissues connect your skin with the deeper structures of your face and neck. Dr. Freund will lift the SMAS and skin with an emphasis on lateral movement toward the ears. Once they have been individually redraped, he will remove excess tissues and suture the SMAS and skin closed.

Because it is performed as an outpatient procedure, you can expect to return home the same day following surgery.

The Benefits of Mid Facelift Surgery

A mid facelift, like other targeted facelift techniques, can give you the enhancements you want without having to make refinements to other areas of the face. Dr. Freund’s technique offers many important benefits:

  • Small Incisions – Your scars will be virtually unnoticeable, placed in the natural contours of your ears and in your hairline.
  • Fast Recovery Time – Because he is targeting a specific area of your face, the side effects you experience after surgery, including bruising, redness, swelling, and tenderness, are less pronounced than with a full facelift.
  • More Youthful Appearance – Sagging cheeks are one of the first noticeable signs of aging. If you feel that your cheeks have lost definition, a mid facelift is a great surgery to consider.
  • Easily Combined with Other Treatment – Dr. Freund can perform a mid facelift in conjunction with a brow lift for a more comprehensive transformation, or with less invasive treatments for subtle aesthetic complements. Dr. Freund developed a fat transfer method, called VIAFILL™, in which fat harvested from other areas of your body are injected into areas of your face where you wish to add volume.








Understanding the Factors that Influence Facelift Cost

Being self-assured and confident in your appearance is a priceless feeling. A facelift can address sagging skin and a loss of definition, and greatly boost your self-esteem. If you are wondering whether you are ready to invest in surgical facial rejuvenation, you can learn more about facelift cost at ourManhattan practice. Dr. Robert M. Freund is a highly trained surgeon whose preference for natural-looking results has improved the lives of thousands of our patients. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about the cost of facelift surgery and how this popular procedure can benefit you.

What does Facelift Cost Include?

The total cost of facelift surgery varies on an individual basis. Generally, the cost of treatment typically covers:

  • Related medical tests
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Price of anesthesia and sedation
  • Prescription medication costs (this can include pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Specialized garments and post-surgical dressings

Beyond these universal costs, the type of facelift you choose and the extent of treatment will also influence the total cost.


Customizing Your Surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Freund will gather information that allows him to individualize your treatment. To determine your candidacy for a particular type of facelift, Dr. Freund will listen to your concerns and cosmetic goals, and also analyze the thickness and elasticity of your skin. Sagging in the cheeks can be addressed with a mid-facelift, for example, while a necklift specifically targets skin below the jawline. Rather than practicing a cookie-cutter approach to plastic surgery, Dr. Freund will tailor every step of your surgery to your specific needs and goals in order to provide substantial long-term satisfaction.

Invest in a Trusted Surgeon

The surest way to achieve the results you want is to choose an experienced, reputable surgeon to provide your care. Dr. Freund has spent much of his career weighing the benefits of available facelift techniques, and prefers the vertical vector submusculoaponeurotic (SMAS) facelift. This innovative technique not only minimizes visible scarring, but allows for every precise, controlled repositioning of the skin and its underlying tissues. He may also recommend innovative additions, like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or his patented Viafill™ fat transfer system to further enhance healing and refine your results. Dr. Freund is an innovator in plastic surgery who can provide fully customized treatment and beautiful, natural-looking results.

Determine a Payment Plan for Your Budget

Procedures that are performed solely for cosmetic reasons, like a facelift, are not covered by health insurance. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and we offer a range of financing options that can break your total treatment cost into manageable monthly payments. Our kind, friendly staff will be happy to meet with you, and will work closely with you to find a payment plan that matches your budget.


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How to Choose a Face Lift Surgeon for Beautiful, Lasting Results

Face lift surgery can reduce signs of aging and create a more youthful, revitalized appearance. If you are considering this type of facial cosmetic surgery, it is critical to know how to choose a face lift surgeon. Fortunately, renowned Manhattan, NYC, plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Freund possesses the education, experience, and artistic touch to ensure your face lift will achieve optimal and long-lasting results.

In addition to being an award-winning surgeon who is highly respected for his phenomenal skills, Dr. Freund has also developed his own innovative fat transfer technique, which has been proven to achieve more consistent results than conventional methods. To learn more about why Dr. Freund is so highly sought after by patients, schedule a personal consultation today.

Extensive Education and Experience

A face lift surgeon should possess extensive medical education and training. Furthermore, top surgeons will have a board certification, which is a voluntary process that demonstrates a doctor’s commitment to continued education and patient safety. Dr. Freund is a graduate of Brown University and Cornell University Medical School, and he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons awarded him the Best Scientific Exhibit Award in 2003 for his pioneering work on the lateralbrow lift, which maintains a natural hairline and brow arch with minimal incisions and a short recovery time.

In private practice for over 17 years, Dr. Freund has developed a refined, conservative approach to plastic surgery. He is known for both his extraordinary surgical skill and his open and caring approach to his patients. Dr. Freund is always willing to candidly discuss the risks and rewards of cosmetic surgery, and he has also published consumer guides to help patients make educated decisions about plastic surgery treatments.

Innovative Techniques

The field of plastic surgery is evolving every day, and new techniques are allowing surgeons to improve results while minimizing risks. One of the most advanced face lift techniques used today is known as the vertical vector SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) face lift, which involves vertically lifting both facial skin and its underlying structure to achieve incredibly natural-looking results. Dr. Freund is a master of this technique, and he has the extensive experience and expertise needed to ensure your vertical vector SMAS face lift achieves phenomenal results.

Dr. Freund also has exceptional skill performing brow lifts and mid-face lifts, which can create a younger appearance when sagging in the forehead or cheek area is the patient’s main concern. In addition to utilizing advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Freund has also developed his own revolutionary fat transfer technique — Viafill™. Using Viafill™ allows Dr. Freund to better maintain the quality of harvested fat through the purification process, which produces better results that are more readily apparent than traditional methods of fat transfer.




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