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There are only a few women that are blessed with a body worthy of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. And for men, the same rule holds true. How many men can honestly look in a mirror and feel ready to be a Chippendales® dancer? The answer is not many. In spite of all our best efforts to look good through diet, exercise, Yoga, and Pilates, most of us have problem areas on our bodies that have a little extra fat. It is for this reason that body contouring through liposuction has become so popular with patients of our New York practice.

These troubled areas on the body that most of us have unfortunately do not go away with dieting. I, for one, have excess fat on my waistline that is ever-present, regardless of whether I am at 4% body fat or 24% body fat. Why would this be? It seems so unfair!

Well, the fat cells on our body are like little beach balls. Each beach ball gets bigger and smaller as we gain or lose weight. However, regardless of the beach ball size, the distribution or number of beach balls in a certain area does not change. For instance, the reason I have love handles is because the number of beach balls in that area is greater than the surrounding areas. If I lose weight, the beach balls may be smaller, but there are still more in that area.


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Aside from a fixed distribution of beach balls, the reasons for unfair distribution of those beach balls boils down to genetics. Our body shape is partly determined by our parents. At birth, those genetics start percolating. Then, at puberty the number of cells may increase in certain areas. Think about a young girl maturing with the development of wider hips and fuller breasts. This is partly the result of new beach balls helping to create the new contour. Another time in a woman’s life when her body shape changes is during pregnancy. I like to rationalize that a woman’s body goes into a protective mode during pregnancy and starts to store extra energy, in the form of new fat, to provide for the new baby. In any case, most women only go through puberty once and pregnancy twice (give or take); for the rest of their lives the fat distribution is unchanged for better or worse!

Body contouring and liposuction exist to alter the distribution of fat. At our New York practice, our goal is to take away cells from one area and forever change the shape of the body. However, we forgot one key fact: the total amount of fat in a person’s body is determined by intake of food and output of energy (i.e. metabolism). If we take in more than we put out, we will gain weight. Does liposuction alter this formula? NO. If you are at 20% body fat and I liposuction your body, although I have removed fat, down the road you will still have 20% body fat. This means that liposuction may remove fat from a particular area, but the fat comes back and can redistribute throughout the body and the remaining fat cells. In essence, removing fat to lose weight is a bad idea. However, removing fat for a few specific areas tends to work out just great!



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Ideal Candidates for Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical fat removal technique to correct stubborn deposits of fat that do not improve with diet or exercise. Dr. Freund uses advanced techniques that reduce discomfort and improve precision. Recovery is quick and there are no incisions.

Excess skin is an important factor in a successful liposuction or body contouring procedure, as is the contraction of the skin after the fat is removed. A good rule of thumb is that thicker skin contracts better than thin skin. Areas of the body with thicker skin include the back, outer thighs, and belly. Inner thighs and knees are areas with thinner skin. In addition, the presence of stretch marks and excess or hanging skin suggest that body contouring should include a removal of the extra skin.

Skin contraction also relies on the underlying tissues or facial bands to pull the skin into place after fat is removed. This is an important point for our patients to consider when deciding the liposuction technique that is best for them. Studies have shown that the more intact fascial bands are at the end of a liposuction procedure, the better the skin contraction will be. More fascia, better results! So, of all the available technologies which provides for the least trauma to facial bands? That would be power-assisted liposuction. Both laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction damage more fascial bands than power-assisted liposuction. Yet, many laser companies claim that their technology will tighten skin. To date, I have not seen a single study that substantiates these claims.

Liposuction Techniques And Process

What about the newer techniques like Zeltiq or Zerona? I do not know much about them at the current time; however, they are FDA approved and may hold great promise for the future of non-invasive body contouring. But, for the moment I will hold judgment until more evidence comes my way.

I perform liposuction under sedation or local anesthesia. In either case, I use tumescent fluid in the area of treatment. Tumescent fluid is a dilute local anesthesia that serves to reduce bleeding and bruising, during and after liposuction. Because the bruising is diminished, I can get a better view of the contour during surgery, which leads to a better result after surgery!

After liposuction, all patients return home and can expect to return to work within a week. I prefer that my patients wear a compression garment for the first 3-6 weeks after surgery. I advise people to limit exercise in the first three weeks after surgery. The final results will be seen after the swelling has resolved. Most swelling is gone within 3-6 months. For some areas, swelling can last up to one year.

What is the right procedure for me?

For many patients of our plastic surgery practice in New York, liposuction is the ideal treatment, but in order to make that decision, you need a physician who has experience in body lifts, tummy tucks, and mommy makeovers. It is for this reason that an experienced plastic surgeon is your best choice for even the smallest body contouring treatment.

If you are considering liposuction and live in Long Island, Greenwich, Westchester, or elsewhere in the Tri-State Area, contact board certified plastic surgeon Robert Freund today.


Not Sure If Liposuction Is Right For You?



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