Patient 1

A 42 Year old female complained of sagging breasts, but liked her breast size. A Lejour Mastopexy was performed.


Patient 2

A 58 year old female, 5ft 3 in, 147 lbs with 36 EE cup breasts complains of back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of large breasts. The distance from the sternal notch to the nipple was 30cm on the left and 29cm on the right breast. zshe underwent a Lejour Vertical scar Reduction Mastopexy.


Patient 3

A 23 year old, 5ft 8in, 138 lbs female with a 32G cup breast size, underwent a Lejour Reduction mammoplasty. During the reduction, 484 grams and 415 grams of breast tissue was removed from the right and left breasts, respectively.


Patient 4

A 39 year old mother of two, 5ft 2 in 125 lbs complains of sagging breasts. She elected to have a Lejour Breast Lift.


Patient 5

A 17 Year old girl 5ft 2 inch 115 lbs with 32E cup breast who underwent a Lejour Breast Reduction with the removal of 300 gm of breast tissue per side.


Patient 6

This 25 year old patient was 5ft 4inches, 150 pounds, lost 25 lbs, a 38 C/D wanted to be lifted more than reduced. She underwent a Lejour Mastopexy with liposuction of her armpits/axilla. During the lift, a minimal amount of breast tissue was removed.

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Patient 7

This 23 year old patient was 5ft 4inch 125 pounds, was a 34c cup with asymmetry and wants to be as small as possible but still have a nice shape. She underwent a Lejour breast reduction with the removal of 191 grams of breast tissue from the left breast and 119 grams from the right breast.

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breast lift surgeon nyc