What Are the Advantages of the Tear Drop Augmentation Mastopexy?

The Teardrop Augmentation Mastopexy is a cosmetic breast enhancement technique, invented by Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Freund. This surgical technique uses a breast lift in combination with a breast implants and was originally created by Dr. Freund to try and correct problems with traditional breast lift techniques. These advantages include a durable result, limited scar, and upper pole fullness.

Books By Dr. Robert Freund

Dr. Robert Freund is a New York City plastic surgeon and author of two books, “Cosmetic Breast Surgery: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Decision from A to Double D” and “A More Beautiful You: Reverse Aging Through Skincare, Plastic Surgery, and Lifestyle”. In this video, Dr. Freund explains why he wrote the books and the what readers and patients can expect to learn from each book.

How Can I Ensure My Fat Transfer Results Are Permanent?

Fat tissue is alive, so maintaining its life during a transfer is the most challenging issue with a fat transfer (a.k.a. fat grafting). To ensure a successful procedure, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Freund, uses a special cannula to harvest the fat which helps to avoid exposure to air, minimize trauma during surgery, and maximize exposure to local blood supply.

How Does The Teardrop Augmentation Mastopexy Compare To Traditional Breast Augmentation & Mastopexy?

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Freund explains how a traditional breast augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with implants) lifts from below the implant, leaving a scar underneath. Whereas his Teardrop Augmentation Mastopexy, a technique invented by Dr. Freund, lifts above the breast implant, resulting in a fuller upper pole, less scaring, and an overall more natural shape.

What Is Dr. Robert Freund’s Teardrop Augmentation Mastopexy?

Dr. Robert Freund invented a specific Breast Lift with and Augmentation (Breast Implant) technique he calls the Teardrop Augmentation Mastopexy. Unique to Dr. Freund’s private NYC practice, this Breast Augmentation Mastopexty technique lifts up the breast, reshapes the breast tissue to create a tear drop shape, and adds volume to the overall breast size.

What Makes Someone A Facelift Expert?

Dr. Robert Freund explains how patients can use his three-step checklist to determine if their plastic surgeon is qualified for their procedure of interest. 1) They are a board certified plastic surgeon, 2) The doctor has experience performing the procedure of interest, and 3) The personal interaction between doctor and patient.

What Should Patients Look For During Their Facelift Consultation?

Aside from making sure your plastic surgeon is board certified and that they are meeting your aesthetic goals, there are other signs patients should look for during their facelift consultation. Dr. Robert Freund, a New York City plastic surgeon, explains how the post-operative care is just as important as the surgeon and the signs patients should look out for to ensure they’re selected the right plastic surgeon.

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