Is Liposuction the Right Solution for My Stubborn Pockets of Fat?

Patients will often inquire how to eliminate their stubborn pockets of fat that they can’t get rid of and even if they loose weight they don’t go away. That’s a known fact. What happens in reality is that your distribution of fat in your body is fixed. There are only four times in a person’s life when that changes:


  • 0 – 2 years old
  • during puberty
  • during pregnancy
  • or during morbid obesity


What liposuction does, is it removes fat cells and changes the contour perfectly. It doesn’t change the volume of fat, it just changes the shape of the fat. Patients always come in asking, “should they have liposuction” or “should I persist with exercise and dieting?”. My answer is that, they should always be in a stable position where they feel comfortable with their exercise and eating habits, and that their weight is stable. That might be heavier for some, or it might be lighter for some, but stability is key. Once they have a stable weight, we can talk about liposuction, tummy tucks, thigh lifts, or whatever the surgery may be, but only when they are stable, should they consider surgery.


Often patients will ask me about the different modalities of liposuction. We have:

  • SmartLipo
  • CoolLipo
  • Power assisted liposuction
  • Conventional Lipo


There are so many different modalities that patients get confused. The answer is the power assisted and conventional liposuction is still the gold standard that most surgeons use. The Smart Lipo and Cool Lipo are things that are on the outside, they’re more hype then they are functional for treating the patient.


After liposuction, a lot of patients ask me, ‘how are they going to maintain their results’? The answer is – weight stability. If their planning on loosing more weight, then let’s not do the surgery until they’ve had more weight loss. If their planning on gaining weight, then don’t even waste your money with liposuction. So, if you maintain weight stability, the results will be maintained as well.

How Can I Achieve a Scar-Less Breast Lift?

There is no such thing as a scar-less breast lift. Some people will try and present the lasers or radio frequency as a way to try to tighten and lift a breast, but if you want significant results and improvement anything that we do will have some version of a scar. They may be small scars, but everything will have a scar. When a breast lift patient comes to me and asks about a scar, I go through everything that we can do to minimize their scar. Granted genetics play a role and there are some people regardless of all the tools that I have to minimize the scars, they won’t have an excellent outcome. But a majority of my patients have a great outcome because:


  1. We can minimize through excellent, stress free surgery without any tension on the wound.
  2. After surgery the post op care is critical. We will start them on silicone gel. Some patients will start on steroids if they need to, but we make every effort possible to minimize their scars.


A lot of my patients, after they get their breast lifts or breast augmentations with breast lifts, they’re happier than their original expectations. I’ll often show them before and after photos, but in reality when they see it on themselves, when they see that improved breast lift…you see this shine light up their face. Because, everyone is a little suspicious they’re going to be that one person that doesn’t come out with a great result. But when they get those great results with minimal scars, and all of a sudden it feels like their own breast and they forget about the scar, they even forget about me. They’re just happy they look really good!


How Can I Achieve Natural Results with My Facelift Surgery?

When patients walk into my office, the first thing I ask them, “What’s bothering you”? The reason I ask this is because it’s not my job to point out every foible that I see in a patient. As I tell my wife often, I can find criticisms in everybody, in every feature. And that doesn’t work for a patient. I am not here to make them feel bad about themselves. I’m here to address their issues and concerns. And quite often, many patients will only have one concern. It won’t be their whole face, it will be a particular feature on their face. I’m here to take care of their concerns, not to try to make them feel bad about themselves.

My approach to facelift surgery is simple and straightforward – take everything that’s moved and move it back to where it used to be. Gravity is the big problem here. The cheek tissue have moved down, the jowls have moved down, the neck muscles have separated. My job is to put the neck muscles back together. To take the jowls and the cheeks and move them back to where they used to be. I’m not trying got take this tissue and move it out towards the ears. I’m just trying to move it back up. And if you consider that a vertical lift, the vertical lift creates a natural result. Not this pulled, wind tunnel look.

My goal when a patient comes in for facelift surgery is for them to look like they did 10 – 15 years ago. I love when they bring in photos of how they used to look and I’m going to try to emulate that. Whether with lifting, adding volume, taking away volume, whatever the case may be, so when they go to that reunion, people look at them and say, “You haven’t changed a day”.

Neck Lift NYC

Restore Definition to Your Profile with Neck Lift NYC

The delicate skin of the neck is one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging. Neck Lift NYC surgery, available at our NYC practice, can safely and effectively tighten sagging neck skin, and reposition muscles and underlying tissues for a rejuvenating overall enhancement. Dr. Robert M. Freund has extensive experience performing necklift surgery, and can employ a range of advanced techniques to ensure that your results are long-lasting and look natural. Dr. Freund is an innovator in plastic surgery who can restore the definition of your facial features and help you feel more confident in your appearance. You can learn more about your candidacy for the procedure by booking a consultation at our office.


The Neck Lift Manhattan Procedure

Depending on your needs, neck lift surgery can involve several different techniques. Dr. Freund can remove excess fat with liposuction, trim excess skin, tighten remaining skin, and alter the appearance of the underlying muscle, called the platysma.

A platysmaplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure that allows Dr. Freund to access to the neck muscle using a small incision underneath the chin. This technique does not include the removal of fat, and is a good choice for patients who are only concerned with a “turkey wattle.” These are typically younger patients who still have ample skin elasticity. This simple procedure allows patients to heal quickly with minimal swelling and scarring.

A local platysmaplasty is a slightly more invasive procedure, which uses a small zig-zag incision running from the chin to the Adam’s apple to remove extra skin and fat. This technique allows Dr. Freund to tighten weakened muscle tissue. Although swelling is minimal and recovery is typically quick, this type of neck lift is often preferred by men who can conceal the scar behind a beard.

A full necklift, or corset platysmaplasty, repairs muscles in three layers and removes excess skin using incisions behind the ears. Remaining skin tissue is tightened. As part of a full neck lift, a tiny incision is made under the chin, allowing Dr. Freund to effectively hide any scarring that might be present after the procedure. This surgery can produce a sharp, defined neck line and offers particularly long-lasting results.

Manhattan Neck Lift Candidacy and Considerations

If you are concerned with sagging skin on your neck, noticeable fat deposits, or visible bands in the neck muscles, you may be a good candidate for a neck lift. During your consultation, Dr. Freund will discuss your concerns with you, and determine which customized procedure can meet your needs. Laxity in the jowls, for example, may be better addressed using a type of facelift. Neck lift can easily be combined with additional procedures, such as a brow lift or blepharoplasty, so you can achieve a dramatic overall aesthetic enhancement in just one visit.


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Meet Robert Freund MD

Meet Robert Freund, MD.

Dr. Freund Headshot2Dr. Robert Freund is a plastic surgeon with a thriving New York practice that has helped thousands of patients look and feel their very best.  He is the inventor of the teardrop breast lift, a groundbreaking procedure that lifts the nipple, enlarges the breast, and gives it a more natural shape. With minimal scarring and long-lasting results, the teardrop lift has been hailed as one the most impressive improvements in modern plastic surgery.

He is uniquely skilled to perform secondary rhinoplasty, the complex operation that fixes a nose that has already had cosmetic nasal surgery. His artful approaches to brow lifts, eye lifts, and other procedures on the face and neck led New York magazine to name him “One of New York’s leading plastic surgeons” in 2003.

Dr. Freund has been in private practice in New York City for 17 years and is a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In 2003 he won the Best Scientific Exhibit Award from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for his pioneering work on the lateral brow lift, which uses small incisions, does not raise the hairline, and maintains a natural, arched eyebrow.

Dr. Freund is a graduate of Brown University and Cornell University Medical School.

As an innovator and researcher…

Dr. Freund has developed a revolutionary technique of fat transfer which restores facial volume lost by age, which is considered the best new way to slow the aging process. In the past, fat transfer methods have been shown to be inconsistent. But new studies have shown that Dr. Freund’s technique may provide as many as 500% more live cells than other methods and that this can lead to more consistent results. This improved method eliminates the need to overfill fat, leading to better results that appear more quickly.

As an author…

original_cosmetic-breast-surgeryBoard-certified plastic surgeon Robert Freund serves patients from throughout New York and the entire Tri-State Area, as well as the rest of the United States and, indeed, the world. As a phenomenally skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Freund is highly sought after by patients both nationally and internationally because of his exquisite skill, tender care, and top notch quality procedures. He is known for his willingness to candidly discuss the risks and rewards of cosmetic surgery.

His 2003 book, Cosmetic Breast Surgery: A Guide to Making the Right Choice-from A to Double D, was named Best Consumer Heath Book by Library Journal. His recent book, titled A More Beautiful You: Reverse Aging through Skin Care, Plastic Surgery, and Lifestyle Solutions, has been flying off the shelves since 2010.