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There is no single key that can unlock every door. In order to unlock a door, you must first find the key that perfectly fits its lock. It stands to reason that the more keys you have, the more doors you will be able to open.

So it is with plastic surgery. The more techniques a surgeon masters, the more effective that surgeon will be in finding precisely the right solutions for a wide range of cosmetic issues. At the plastic surgery center of New York surgeon Robert M. Freund, patients are treated as the unique individuals they are, down to the finest details of their customized cosmetic plans. As a patient of Dr. Freund's, you can expect that your treatment will be tailored with great precision to your needs and goals, drawing from the many advanced techniques that Dr. Freund has learned and perfected during his career. In other words, you can rest assured that we will find the exact key that unlocks the full potential of your natural beauty.

At every stage of your experience at our plastic surgery practice, Dr. Freund and his staff will listen carefully to you, educate you in clear terms about your options, and advise you openly and honestly about which course of treatment is best suited to your case. Questions are encouraged and will be answered with patience and compassion. Our highest priorities are your safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

To learn more about the various cosmetic options available to you or to schedule a confidential, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Robert M. Freund, we urge you to contact our plastic surgery practice in New York, serving communities throughout the Tri-State Area, today.

What Distinguishes Our Practice

To be certain, there is no shortage of plastic surgery practices in New York. When trying to decide which practice will best serve your needs, it is important to consider what truly distinguishes each practice and helps to define its standard of excellence. At the practice of Robert M. Freund, MD, FACS, a number of traits set us apart, including:

  • Our Techniques - We distinguish ourselves not only by the range of techniques we offer, but also by the quality of those techniques. Dr. Freund has dedicated much of his professional life to seeking out those techniques that will allow him to achieve more natural-looking and durable results in facial plastic surgery, body contouring, and breast surgery while minimizing scarring and patient discomfort. By having multiple techniques at his disposal, he has greater freedom to customize procedures to the needs of the individual and create comprehensive, innovative treatment plans.
  • Our Patient Education - Dr. Freund's primary objective is to find the most effective ways of resolving only those cosmetic issues that truly bother you. To that end, he will take the time to make sure that you understand your options, the various risks and benefits associated with those options, and the outcome that you can reasonably expect. He wants you to be able to make confident decisions based on facts and his expert opinions, all clearly and comprehensibly explained. The key to a good patient-doctor relationship is open, honest communication, and this can only be achieved through direct language and plain-spoken explanations that don't sound as though they're being recited from a medical textbook.
  • Our Surgeon - Dr. Freund has been recognized by his peers, various professional organizations, and in the media as a true talent and innovator in the field of plastic surgery. New York Magazine has named him one of the state's leading plastic surgeons, while the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons gave him the Best Scientific Exhibit Award for his work in developing the lateral brow lift. He is the author of two highly regarded books on plastic surgery, Cosmetic Breast Surgery: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Decision - from A to Double D and A More Beautiful You: Reverse Aging through Skin Care, Plastic Surgery, and Lifestyle Solutions. Perhaps most notably, he pioneered the teardrop augmentation breast lift and invented the VIAFILL™ system, a revolutionary breakthrough in fat transfer.

Our Practice Philosophy

a beautiful woman's faceAt our plastic surgery practice in New York, our philosophy is quite simple. When you come to us with a cosmetic concern, we will provide you with the most effective solution available. We want you to emerge from treatment with boosted self-esteem and a healthier self-image. Dr. Freund will focus his energies exclusively on the issue you bring to us; there will be no attempts to persuade you to increase the scope of your treatment plan. We will always use the most conservative treatment possible to produce the results you are looking for, with an emphasis on rejuvenation and refinement of your natural beauty.

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Whatever your cosmetic needs and goals, we encourage you to contact our plastic surgery center in New York today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert M. Freund, a renowned surgeon with an exceptional eye for aesthetics. Our practice proudly serves plastic surgery patients from throughout the Tri-State Area, including Greenwich, Long Island, Westchester, and Bergen County.

Dr. Freund is a knowledgeable, informative doctor and an excellent surgeon. I am extremely happy with the result I obtained from his work.  - Bryan C.

Dr. Freund is an EXTRAORDINARY physician! I've had two surgical procedures done by him and both recoveries were quick with minimal pain. - Jesse R.

Dr. Freund is a very ethical legitimate doctor who is well-trained and takes tremendous care of his patients. - Leslie G.

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