Welcome Dr. Robert Freund, Plastic Surgery Center, Manhattan, NYC.

There is no single key that can unlock every door. In order to unlock a door, you must first find the key that perfectly fits its lock. It stands to reason that the more keys you have, the more doors you will be able to open.

So it is with plastic surgery. The more techniques a surgeon masters, the more effective that surgeon will be in finding precisely the right solutions for a wide range of cosmetic issues. At the plastic surgery center of New York surgeon Robert M. Freund, patients are treated as the unique individuals they are, down to the finest details of their customized cosmetic plans. As a patient of Dr. Freund’s, you can expect that your treatment will be tailored with great precision to your needs and goals, drawing from the many advanced techniques that Dr. Freund has learned and perfected during his career. In other words, you can rest assured that we will find the exact key that unlocks the full potential of your natural beauty.

At every stage of your experience at our plastic surgery practice, Dr. Freund and his staff will listen carefully to you, educate you in clear terms about your options, and advise you openly and honestly about which course of treatment is best suited to your case. Questions are encouraged and will be answered with patience and compassion. Our highest priorities are your safety, comfort, and overall satisfaction.

To learn more about the various cosmetic options available to you or to schedule a confidential, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Robert M. Freund, we urge you to contact our plastic surgery practice in New York, serving communities throughout the Tri-State Area, today.


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I am 26, 5'4, 129 lbs. I felt like my breasts looked like three pounds of flour in a ten pound bag of you know what I mean! I was a thin kid who grew like crazy during puberty, and was a full C by fifth..


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I looked for a dr to fix my awful implants for a long time. Went to top surgeons in Manhattan and when I laid eyes on dr. Freund, I knew I was home. It was love at first sight 🙂 he is an absolutely amazing dr. My original implants were...


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i had fat grafting that i didn't need with another dr. thank god most fat died, but i was left with a few lumps in the buccal area and fat that covered my high cheekbones. dr freund rebalanced my face to its original shape...